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A Door Opens a World

Author: Runtian Zhao, Meng Zhao
Publication Date:2019.03.01
Page Count:512

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Architecture is the most visible external proof of Peking culture and the door is the most prominent and choice mark of architecture. Beijing has a rich store of door relics in different historical periods, from different social backgrounds, and of different artistic styles. In the 20th century, great political, economic, cultural, and urban pattern changes have caused unprecedented destruction and modification of traditional Chinese architecture. The author intends to preserve the valuable memories and histories of traditional Beijing architecture with precious photos. This book opens the door to the stories of Beijing doors.

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  • Zhao Runtian, seasoned editor and writer, former deputy director of the weekly department of the Beijing Business Daily. He devoted himself on the study Peking history for many years and has published several works, including Finding Beijing City and White Paper of a Peking Drifter. Zhao Meng, registered associate constructor, award-wining environmental art and design engineer, currently working for the Design Research Institute of China Architectural Decoration Group Co., Ltd.

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