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Construction Techniques of Minimalist Chinese Wooden Architecture

Author: Yu Weiguo, Wang Lumin
Publication Date:2021.01.01
Page Count:180

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With reference to previous research, this book systematically introduces the knowledge of the construction of ancient Chinese wooden architecture from three aspects: groundwork, main part of the building and roof, and introduces in simple language the origin, evolution, construction practice, proportions and dimensions, construction steps and other key points of the important architectural components of the post and lintel wooden frame. In particular, it provides clear interpretation of the construction methods mentioned in State Building Standards of the Song Dynasty and Engineering Practices Rule of the Qing Labor Ministry. The book aims to enable more readers to appreciate and understand the unique design methods, superb construction techniques, and subtle detailing of ancient Chinese architecture, so that they can get right to the heart of the key issues and lay a solid foundation for more relevant knowledge.

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