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Exploring the Ancient Temples in Shanxi: Central Shanxi and Northern Shanxi

Author: LIAN Da
Publication Date:2020.04.01
Page Count:432

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Shanxi Province now preserves about 70% of the country’s pre-Ming wooden architecture, and the amount of various forms of ancient architecture is the highest in China, including countless ancient buildings from the early ages of Tang, the Five Dynasties, Song, Jin, and Yuan. In particular, it is home to an immense number of ancient architecture complexes from the Ming and Qing dynasties, so it is known as “a paradise for ancient architecture enthusiasts.” The book is divided by regions and presents the beauty of traditional Chinese architecture in Central Shanxi and Northern Shanxi in the form of illustrations and travel notes. Meanwhile, it records the current situation of many ancient houses, hoping to encourage more readers to pay attention to, love, and protect traditional Chinese architecture and culture.

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