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Exacting Fantasy: Architecture

Author: Simin Wang, Xueshi Wang, Fei Bai
Publication Date:2019.01.01
Page Count:252

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For the students, enthusiasts and young designers of architecture, this collection of the thoughts of young designers is a bright touch against the dull background full of masters and classical cases. Even though these young designers are not heavy-weight masters with decades of experience, they are undoubtedly the most promising yound designers who have received education at top universities and are now working at top studios. To learn from masters is to experience the ultimate charm of buildings. And to learn from this book is to understand the amazing style of young front-runners. Architecture requires not only practical test, but also collision of ideas. This book aims to fill in this blank.

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  • Simin Wang, founder of Whale Design and online learning platform Canopy Institute of Design, named in Fortune China's "30 under 30 China" list, holds postgraduate degree from Cornell University and bachelor degree from University of Michigan, Ann arbor. He was awarded both Outstanding Graduate and Outstanding Graduation Design Award of Cornell University, and has published several papers on design materials and design digitization in the industry's first-rate journals. The research project he participated in was funded by the Natural Science Foundation of the United States. Wang Xueshi, co-founder and CEO of the Canopy Institue of Design, received master's degree in design studies from Harvard University and was awarded the Marco Polo Scholarship at Harvard University. She used to work as product manager of SaaS Technology Company. Bai Fei, a book binding designer, graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University and worked for three years in Beijing Yijiang Building Design Co., Ltd. and has rich experience in architectural planning.

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