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Historical Architecture Map of Xizang and Qinghai

Author: Wang Nan, Lu Qingxin, Yuan Mu, Li Hexin, Tang Henglu, Zhang Zhicheng, Dai Fubo
Publication Date:2021.01.01
Page Count:548

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The book is divided into two parts, Xizang and Qinghai. The general characteristics of ancient architectures in Xizang Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province are outlined, while important and complete ancient architectures in the two places are selected, and their architectural features and artistic achievements are introduced. Meanwhile, some other major ancient buildings are displayed in the form of lists. This book not only brings together the wisdom and efforts of the members of the writing group, but also incorporates the valuable results of decades of research and mapping by scholastic precursors. The book is highly readable and faithful to the history account. It is easy to understand and suitable for collection, and is also a reference book for understanding and protecting relevant ancient architectures.

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