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Special Topics in International Law Exploration of Frontier Issues in Air and Space Law

Author: Zhu Ziqin
Publication Date:2021.01.01
Page Count:404

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This book includes several parts, namely, “a column to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Chicago Convention of 1944, a column to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Convention 1999, international air law, international space law, international environmental law, and international hotspot issues”. The section of air law includes the study of the basic theories of air law as well as case studies of air law, covering aircraft (drones) and their operation regulation, rights and obligations of air crews, air transportation rules, and air dispute settlement. Meanwhile, the latest progress in air legislation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is also introduced in detail; in terms of space law, the book mentions the definition of space objects, liability for damages caused by launch activities in adjacent spaces, and environmental protection provisions in space legislation of each nation.

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