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Walking in the Hutongs in All Kinds of Weathers: A Journalist’s Journey in Beijing’s Hutongs

Author: Hou Donghe
Publication Date:2021.05.01
Page Count:448

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This is a “biography” of thousands of hutongs in Beijing, some detailed, some not. Why not open Walking in the Hutongs in All kinds of Weathers, a book that is full of knowledge, stories and fun? The author took a trip throughout the old city of Beijing, from the well-known Brick Pagota Hutong and Nanluoguxiang Hutong to the various smaller one that are barely known, renamed or dying. He tells their stories, whether ordinary or exceptional, in detail. The book is written in plain and vivid language so it sounds friendly and warm, and readers will feel that they are listening to the author as he walks and chats.

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