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Revelation of Scientific and Technological Innovation: Anecdotes of Masters of Innovation and Invention

Author: Jin Yong
Subject:Popular Science
Publication Date:2020.12.01
Page Count:372

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Science education and scientific and technological innovation are the two driving forces of social progress. This book tells the stories about innovation and scientific wisdom of nearly 100 academic masters, and discusses with readers the enduring topic of “innovation”, so as to pique readers’ enthusiasm for innovation or inspire them. Scientific and technological innovation is abstract, obscure and complicated, but in this book, it is told by stories that you are familiar or unfamiliar with, such as “Harrison’s Clock”, “Darwin’s Journey”, “The Debate between Ball and Einstein”, “The Friendship between Maxwell and Faraday” …In this way, it shows readers not only the history and achievements of scientific and technological innovation, but also the intellectual quality and spiritual core required for innovation. This is the root, the doctrine and the method of innovation.

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