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Legal Foundation (Sixth Edition)

Author: Gao Qicai
Publication Date:2021.01.01
Page Count:348

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Legal Foundation is a fundamental course in legal education. Based on the introduction of the fundamental legal theories as well as the formulation and implementation of contemporary Chinese socialist laws, this book comprehensively discusses the basic norms and knowledge of the Constitution of China, administrative legal system, civil legal system, commercial legal system, economic legal system, legal system of natural resources and environmental protection, legal system of labor and social security, criminal legal system, litigation legal system, international legal system, and private international law system. The book is comprehensive and properly written, using standardized and concise language. The sixth edition was a revised version of the fifth edition based on the latest laws and regulations, especially the Civil Code. In 2012, the book won the first prize of “Excellent Textbook of Tsinghua University”.

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