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Urban Regeneration & Urban Design Governance

Author: ZHU He
Publication Date:2022.06.01
Page Count:276

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Beginning with an analysis of the value of design quality and the differences between design thinking and planning thinking in urban regeneration, this book traces the evolutionary process of the operating environment for urban regeneration in China and the UK. It systematically introduces the basic theories and policy systems of urban regeneration and urban design governance in English cities, comparing and analyzing the practical experiences and typical cases with the feature of urban design governance in urban regeneration in both countries. It explains the application of fifteen urban design governance tools, including guidance tools, incentive tools, and knowledge tools, to further construct a methodological system for urban design governance to impact urban regeneration and propose a composite path for urban regeneration and urban design governance tailored to China’s national conditions. This aims to address the weaknesses in China’s urban design and urban regeneration system so that the urban design can transition from a management and control mode to a comprehensive governance mode.

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