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The Illustrated Atlas of Protected Wildlife

Author: Gao Haibin, Gu Weilin, Zhao Guowei, Chen Lanfang, Sui Xuejun
Subject:Popular Science
Publication Date:2021.03.01
Page Count:92

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The authors of this book selected 20 representative plastinated biotic animal specimens from the Mystery Life Museum. With the help of advanced plastinated biotic specimen preservation techniques, they have acquired the first-hand anatomy data of these animals and discovered many interesting special structures after a long time of study and exploration. With visualized pictures of specimens, easy-to-understand language, and the combination of illustrations and words, this book leads readers into a world of animals that are very familiar and yet strange to us. At the same time, it tells readers knowledge about wildlife protection and encourages them to understand wild animals, appreciate them and care for them, so that we will be more determined and capable of protecting them, and share our home, the Earth, with these animals.

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