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Handbook on Study Therapy

Author: SONG Shaowei
Subject:Popular Science
Publication Date:2021.08.01
Page Count:348

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Many primary and secondary school students are struggling with voluntary and disciplined learning, which has raised concerns among parents. In the current context of the national initiative to “further reduce the homework and extracurricular training burdens for students in the compulsory education stage,” how children can learn effectively has become a major concern for parents. Handbook on Study Therapy combines 36 real-life cases to introduce the study therapy theory and share the author’s experience and insights from over twenty years of teaching experience as a gold-medal private tutor and study therapist, the application of the study therapy theory, and case studies. The book provides a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to study therapy theory and its applications, allowing every reader to understand, comprehend, and apply study therapy. Teachers, parents, and students interested in study therapy can use this book to improve their study habits.

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