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Hello! AI: From Binary to Future Intelligent Society

Author: QIN Zengchang, TIAN Dawei
Subject:Popular Science
Publication Date:2022.09.01
Page Count:244

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The book Hello! AI: From Binary to Future Intelligent Society is a popular science book aimed at the general public, especially teenagers. It introduces the topic by explaining the logic and mathematical concepts behind artificial intelligence and then employs engaging language to incorporate fascinating knowledge such as the birth of computers and AI, algorithm science, machine learning and big data, computer vision, and speech recognition. Finally, it explores AI applications in various fields like smart agriculture, intelligent healthcare, and autonomous driving. The book is characterized by its vivid language, abundant illustrations, and real-life relevance. The details are as described above. The primary readers of this book are primary and secondary school students (students from high grades in primary schools to high schools can easily comprehend this book). Adults who have no prior knowledge of AI but are interested in the subject can also choose this book to gain a basic understanding of AI technology.

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