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Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Growth in the Past 30 Years: Entrepreneurship Spirit Leads Enterprises Toward High-Quality Development

Author: LI Lan
Subject:Humanities & Social Sciences
Publication Date:2023.08.01
Page Count:296

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This book depicts entrepreneurs’ growth, drawing from the empirical data collected through the long-term and large-scale surveys of Chinese entrepreneurs. Set against the backdrop of China’s socio-economic development since the reform and opening-up, the book is based on the changes in enterprises’ internal and external environments and the new challenges posed by high-quality corporate development in the new era. Drawing on the survey data spanning the thirty years from 1993 to 2023 by the China Entrepreneur Survey System research team, the book truthfully records the growth trajectory and historical stages of Chinese entrepreneurs with a vast amount of detailed and objective first-hand data. It analyzes the influencing factors and change patterns, the progress made, and the existing issues. Furthermore, the book presents policy recommendations for guiding high-quality corporate development with the continually evolving and elevated spirit of entrepreneurship.

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