The Tsinghua University Warring States Bamboo Manuscripts Volume One: The Yi Zhou Shuand Pseudo-Yi Zhou Shu Chapters

Author: written by Edward L. Shaughnessy, compiled by Research and Conservation Center for Unearthed Texts, Tsinghua University


Date of publication:2023.03.01

In 2008, Tsinghua University of Beijing acquired a corpus of manuscripts written on bamboo slips from China’s Warring States period (c. 300 BCE) and established the Research and Conservation Center for Unearthed Texts directed by renowned scholar Li Xueqin 李學勤(1933–2019) to edit and publish them. A panel of experts convened to evaluate the manuscripts said of them: These Warring States bamboo slips are tremendously valuable historical artifacts, whose contents speak to the very core of traditional Chinese culture. This is an unprecedented discovery, one which will inevitably attract the attention of scholars both here and abroad. It promises to have a lasting impact in many different disciplines, including but not limited to Chinese history, archaeology, paleography and philology. The se...

Principles and Design of Exoskeleton Robot Control

Author: Jiang Lei


Date of publication:2022.01.01

Exoskeleton robots have imperative applications in fields such as medical rehabilitation, disaster rescue and relief, education and entertainment. With the rapid rise in labor costs and the aging of the population, exoskeleton robots have great potential for development. Based on the analysis of the current status of research and development of exoskeleton robots at home and abroad, this book focuses on the mechanical design, driving mode and control strategy of exoskeleton rehabilitation robots, taking the example of exoskeleton robots for the rehabilitation training of stroke patients and those that assist lower limps. It highlights cross-coupling synchronous control strategy of adaptive robust control of the exoskeleton robot driver. Meanwhile, the book also introduces how to integrate ...

Reading China in English

Author: Wang Ge, Li Zhongzheng, Wu Yiran,Wu Yuqin, Xia Fen, Wang Lihong


Date of publication:2021.08.01

This is a high-quality bilingual multicultural book. Through the coverage of China in overseas print and digital media, it explains China’s achievements in politics, economy, culture and social life in the 40 years of reform and opening up. This course presents a China that is modern, three-dimensional, and diverse, which can improve readers’ understanding of contemporary China. There are 24 articles in 8 units in this textbook, covering several sections such as the origin of reform, cultural and recreational collection, cultural presentation, and nation-wide fight against pandemics. This book is suitable for students with undergraduate or higher degrees who can master intermediate English, and for students majoring in journalism and media, foreign affairs and diplomacy, international rela...

Tsinghua China Balanced Development Index

Author: Xu Xianchun, Bai Chong’en, Liu Taoxiong


Date of publication:2021.06.01

As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, the principal social contradiction has been transformed into the contradiction between people’s ever-growing need for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development. The problem of unbalanced and inadequate development has become a major constraint to meeting the people’s growing need for a better life. It has become an extremely important issue of the era to study the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development from a quantitative perspective and to conduct theoretical and empirical research on the balanced development of China. Tsinghua China Balanced Development Index is a quantitative analysis of the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development. From the main contradictions of Chinese society, it evaluates...

Cold Mountain Poems: Textual Travel and Canonical Construction (Revised Version)

Author: Hu Anjiang


Date of publication:2021.06.01

In the grand narrative system of the history of Chinese literary, cold mountain poems have never really drawn the attention of elite intellectuals. Even in the post-classical era where all kinds of classics were appreciated, cold mountain poems remained a classic form of Chinese literature that was often overlooked. However, since the 1950s, cold mountain poems have been accorded high literary honors in both the East and the West, and they have spread almost all over the world. This book systematically explores the translation, dissemination and classic construction of cold mountain poems in the world literary field. Meanwhile, it uses the approach of archeology of knowledge to examine the formation and establishment of the “cold mountain fever” and “cold mountain phenomenon”, which have ...

Walking in the Hutongs in All Kinds of Weathers: A Journalist’s Journey in Beijing’s Hutongs

Author: Hou Donghe


Date of publication:2021.05.01

This is a “biography” of thousands of hutongs in Beijing, some detailed, some not. Why not open Walking in the Hutongs in All kinds of Weathers, a book that is full of knowledge, stories and fun? The author took a trip throughout the old city of Beijing, from the well-known Brick Pagota Hutong and Nanluoguxiang Hutong to the various smaller one that are barely known, renamed or dying. He tells their stories, whether ordinary or exceptional, in detail. The book is written in plain and vivid language so it sounds friendly and warm, and readers will feel that they are listening to the author as he walks and chats.
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