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Distribution Department Holds Meeting for Market Planning in 2024

On January 16, 2024, in order to fulfill the comprehensive requirements of high-quality development of Tsinghua University Press (TUP) for marketing, the Distribution Department held a meeting with the theme of “Practicing high-quality development of marketing and distribution and expanding the supply of high-quality books”. Focused on the core content of “Sales improvement under high-quality development”, the meeting conducted open exchanges and discussions on how to promote the distribution of high-quality books and increase the sales of text books and trade books published by TUP. It renders motivation and support for the 2024 marketing plan. Participants include business managers of online and offline channels, project managers of various regions, new media managers, accounting supervisors, etc.

LIANG Ying, Assistant President and Director of the Distribution Department, made a mobilization report on “Implementing high-quality marketing development and improving book sales supply", and shared experience and work deployment from four aspects of full marketing, precise promotion, editing and distribution linkage, and resource integration. Based on their positions, the participants carried out a brainstorming, summarized up the experience and shortcomings in 2023 book marketing and promotion and proposed new marketing ideas and coping methods.

After the meeting, the distribution department will summarize the preliminary marketing ideas, and discuss and revise them with editorial, marketing and other relevant departments, and finally form and implement the marketing plan for the whole year, so as to work hard to achieve the high-quality development of TUP.

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