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President QIU Xianqing Signs Textbook Cooperation Agreement with Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

On March 21st, 2024, the Textbook Work Meeting of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law(ZUEL) was held. Responsible officials from the Ministry of Education, HOU Zhenfa, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUEL, YANG Canming, President of ZUEL, QIU Xianqing, President of Tsinghua University Press(TUP), and LIU Zhibin, Director of the Economics, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences and the Foreign Languages editorial branches of TUP, attended the meeting.

In his address, QIU Xianqing presented an overview of TUP, highlighting the accomplishments and progress made in the realm of textbook publication over the years. He recollected the enduring bond between TUP and ZUEL and emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts between the two parties in generating exceptional educational resources. QIU Xianqing expressed his optimism that the signing of the Textbook Cooperation Agreement would serve as a catalyst for both parties to leverage their respective strengths and establish a long-term framework that is mutually beneficial and enduring.

In his report, titled "Cherishing Integrity and Fostering Innovation: Crafting High-Caliber Textbooks that Enrich the Soul and Sharpen the Intellect," LIU Zhibin delved into the significance of textbook publishing. He outlined the essential attributes of superior educational resources, elaborated on how to edit good textbooks, and shared insights drawn from TUP's past endeavors in pioneering innovative textbook formats, with a particular focus on the compilation of digital content.

In the presence of HOU Zhenfa, YANG Canming, QIU Xianqing, and other distinguished guests, LIU Zhibin and QIAN Xuefeng, the Minister of Educational Affairs at ZUEL, affixed their signatures to the Textbook Cooperation Agreement, signifying the shared commitments of both organizations. This heralds the dawn of a new collaborative era between the two parties. Building upon the solid foundation of their existing partnership, the agreement is set to forge a dynamic innovation model of synergy and interaction. This collaborative endeavor is set to bolster the efforts of academic institutions in nurturing creative talents, building a dedicated teaching faculty, and advancing the development of academic disciplines. Furthermore, it will enhance the integration of industry and education, thereby playing a pivotal role in realizing China's aspirations to become a preeminent educational power.

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