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Chairman ZONG Junfeng Visited Cengage Learning

On March 26th, ZONG Junfeng, Chairman of TUP, and SUN Yu, Deputy General Editor, visited the Singapore office of Cengage Group and exchanged views on key issues of the publishing industry, including the publishing landscape, digital publishing technologies and textbook publishing, with Roy Lee, Managing Director/Vice President of Cengage Learning Asia, and the participating experts from its marketing and editorial teams.

ZONG Junfeng reviewed years of cooperation with Cengage Learning and pointed out that transformation in reading and learning modes has brought challenges to the publishing industry. Roy Lee welcomed TUPs visit and made a comprehensive summary of Cengage Learning, including its organization, partnerships, main products and management structure. The attendees discussed transformation of publishing industry, technological advances in the new era and publication of textbooks. TUP and Cengage decided to strengthen cooperation in the textbooks publishing, content editing and marketing to create more innovative and competitive digital content for users all over the world.

Cengage is one of the largest education and technology companies in the world that provides information for lifelong learning. It has many famous publishing brands, and its products and services cover higher education, K-12, professional, library purchase, reference and professional training markets worldwide.

Meeting at Cengage Learnings Singapore Office

Group Photo

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