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President QIU Xianqing Recommended Featured Titles on CCTV’s “Reading” Program

On April 12th2024, the Reading” program on CCTV-10, the Science and Technology Education Channel, featured the segment “Good Titles from Publishers in 2023”, highlighting notable works from Tsinghua University Press (TUP). QIU Xianqing, President of TUP, appeared as a guest on the show. Alongside the host, LI Pan, they discussed and recommended three good titles published by TUP in 2023 -- Notes from Deep Time, This is Beijing! and Illustrated Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Notes from Deep Time takes readers on a captivating journey through the history of Earth. The book is richly illustrated, providing a vivid visual narrative that enhances our understanding of the planet’s living environment. These illustrations not only educate but also inspire a deep sense of reverence and connection to both the Earth and humanity. This is Beijing! explores the grandeur of Beijing, using the concept of vastness” as a guiding theme. It delves into the citys streets, the impressive central axis, and the seasonal rhythms of its historic hutongs. Each page is like a time machine, transporting readers through different eras and revealing Beijings timeless urban charm and the vibrant lives of its inhabitants. Illustrated Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is a book that masterfully bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and everyday understanding. It presents complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner, supported by illustrations and concise textual content. To enhance learning, each section is complemented by online videos, making it an engaging resource for students from primary to high school levels.

As an annual showcase sponsored by CCTV’s “Reading” program, the “Good Titles from Publishers in 2023” aims at promptly and precisely recommending quality titles published in 2023 to the audience. After airing on CCTV-10 Science and Technology Education Channel’s “Reading” program, the episode will also be available online on CCTV and other related channels.

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