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Inauguration of Cancer Innovation Workstation for the I·Campus, the BHI·Campus and the CDTCBC Held Successfully

On April 13th, 2024, the inaugural Beijing Breast Healthcare Conference, also known as the 1st Breast Tumour Prevention and Control Forum was successfully convened in Yizhuang, Beijing. This significant event was organized by the Administrative Commission of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, in collaboration with the China Health and Medical Development Foundation and the editorial office of Cancer Innovation. During the forum, the Tsinghua University Press (TUP) Cancer Innovation Workstation for the International Life-Science Innovation Campus, the Breast Health Innovation Campus and the Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Breast Cancer was launched. The event was graced by the presence of ZONG Junfeng, Chairman of TUP, Professor MA Fei, Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Innovation from the Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and ZHU Lili, Vice President of AstraZeneca China.

ZONG Junfeng, Chairman of TUP, Delivers a Speech

In his address, ZONG Junfeng, Chairman of TUP, underscored the critical importance of publishing journals of international caliber in science and technology. He stressed the need to build platforms for scientific literature and data platforms with global influence, to convene high-level international academic conferences, and to encourage the dissemination of significant basic research findings through Chinese journals and platforms, thereby enhancing their development and application. He shared how TUP, with the support of national policies, has embraced digital transformation and international strategies, thereby fostering Chinas autonomy and growth in the realm of science and technology. He highlighted the strides made in journal publication, a realm where TUP has been a trailblazer. Central to this mission is the Cancer Innovation Workstation, which is designed to elevate the caliber of journal publishing, to strengthen interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation, and to harness the expertise of professionals in the field. The workstation is poised to bring together enterprises, universities, research institutes and end-users, fostering a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to the advancement of oncology research and the realization of the “Healthy China 2030” initiative!

Inauguration Ceremony of the Cancer Innovation Workstation

The Cancer Innovation Workstation is set to emerge as a vibrant hub where experts and scholars in the field of breast health can converge, exchange insights, and foster collaboration. This platform will serve as a catalyst, uniting enterprises, universities, research institutes and end-users. Through the Cancer Innovation Workstation, we aspire to harness the intellect and expertise of the wider academic and professional community. We are confident that by joining forces, we will usher in a brighter future for breast health in China!

Journals and Books from the Life Sciences and Medicine Editorial Branch of TUP

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